Las mejores playas de la zona

Playa del Palmar: Playa del Palmar is a little paradise found in Vejer de la Frontera. A beach paradise that attracts thousands of tourists every year and in which we can find an almost virgin environment about 11 kilometers from Vejer.

Zahora beach: Zahora beach is very long, with fine white sand and goes from the Tómbolo del Faro de Trafalgar to the beach of Stub axle. The limit with the El Palmar area is defined by the stream that is on the Mangueta beach itself. The beach has an extension of about 3 kilometers and the locals divide it into zones. The first area that goes from the Trafalgar Lighthouse to the Sajorami area is known as La Aceitera or La Cala Isabel; the second area is the Sajorami beach, which takes its name from the well-known local; and the third area is Playa de Mangueta (strictly to the stream).

Los Caños Beach: Los Caños de Meca beach is the best known beach in Barbate, especially because it is chosen by naturists for your peace of mind. Its small coves present great intimacy the closer we get to the cliffs of La Breña, but we must be very careful, since when the tide rises, these beaches disappear.